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  1. Hi, this is McCall and I am once again back to try to get myself back on CORE, I managed to gain back all the weight I lost and I am diabetic and having huge medical problems. [i had them already but they are much worse now] Anyway just wanted to say hello again
  2. I have a Kitchenaide with attachments and it is great. you can sometimes find it on sale for $79. it normally goes around $99.
  3. I remember when I was here before there was a post with a link to a daily food sheet template that you could print out. Does anyone still have a link to that? Thanks
  4. I have been away from here for about 9 months and of course I gained back everything I lost before. Last night I had a scare that I was having another heart attack, [i wasn't but I did have a bad spell] I don't know how many of you remember me from before. I have a lot of health issues, I am in an electric wheelchair and my condition does not allow any type of excercise to speak of. I did quite well on CORE the last time. and it is my hope to follow it or simply filling, again. The counting thing never did work for me. Last time it was actually easy to follow CORE, but this time there is so much stress in my life and I can do so little for my self now, and I am used to eating the forbidden foods or should I say restricted foods. Also I am not a social type person, I never was. Nor am I a positive sort of person. I am a glass half empty person and I personally see nothing wrong with that, [meaning I don't have to be "fixed" or converted to a Sunny person] But it does affect how people react to me. Particulaly online. But I did enjoy the company as it were on here the last time, and I certainly can use any support I can get. I look forward to interacting with you all.
  5. One of my favorites is Habitat Canadian Yellow pea soup. I also like Cambell's tomato, I must be the minority that does not ,as a rule, like home made soups not that there might be some I might like but I prefer a few canned ones.
  6. Going back To Cape Cod to see my Dr. and renew my license and see my grandchildren. So I will be gone till the 18th. At least this time Hubby is traveling with me, much easier traveling in WC when someone is with you. Hopefully I will only be stuck on this coast for another year or there abouts.
  7. Katie, I can see where people such as you mention would make you frustrated, though I can't recall seeing such posts myself, nothing that I would term making fun of those losing. I am amazed sometimes at the amount of things some people here seem to be able to DO in a day, even before I was in the WC and when I was young and raising five children I don't think I did near as much as some of you guys seem to do every day, but now I actually do VERY VERY little. I am on the computer about 12 hours a day usually. It is one of the only things I can do. How many points is FINGER excercise worth? LOL I manage to do Some cooking and I load the washing machine. I cannot go out by myself and I have no friends, [never have for that matter] That may sound sad but it is just who I am. I have not had any friends since I was in school. and then they were not real buddies or anything. My daughter on the other hand has hundreds of friends real friends and has since she was young, she knows a gazillion people and is super outgoing. My only friend is and has been for over forty years, my husband. So basically the various forums I post too is my only human contact other than him. So feeling welcome and at home on the forums I do visit is important to me. Though I freely admit I am a glass half empty person. and there is nothing wrong with that, it takes all kinds. but it does rub some people the wrong way. I am also incredibly blunt, always have been. That does not make me not a nice person, just a different person. Not a susie sun shine, nor a candy can do person either. I accept such people as they are as long as they don't try to tell me how I should be more like them. I have never I don't believe told anyone they should live more like I do. Anyway I appreciate your comments.
  8. I fully realize the intent of the post and agree that most of you take it that way. And of course I know it is not directed at me in any way in the first place. I was expressing my opinion of such posts however. There may in fact be changes I could make to following the plan but I have been on program other than the excercise the entire 33 weeks I have been doing this and my total weight loss currently is 28 pounds. I tend to drop a little then get stuck for a long time then drop a bit more and get stuck again. I am depressed enough about this without reading posts about no excuses or do it or get out etc. As I say I mostly ignore such posts and come here mostly to see if there are new informational posts etc. Anyway I am letting you all know that there is another opinion out here besides the prevailing one.
  9. I guess I am odd woman out here, [what else is new] but I find that original post insulting. Obviously I am not in the excercise group, but I continue on Core even though things have slowed way down for me. I find that post to say if you aren't losing the way we think you should get out! NOT very supportive. In spite of the boot camp name I thought this forum was here to be supportive and helpful not kick people in the butt. I find all the DO IT OR ELSE posts on here to be very annoying and insulting, I don't normally comment I just ignore them but this one obviously goes beyond the boundaries. I realize that this is suppose to be a quote of someone else, but I assume it is intended to "send a message" here.
  10. Or Soup is another good option.
  11. Welcome back, good attitude. The kids are beautiful. Good luck.
  12. If I am going out I pack fruit, a couple of HB eggs and a diet soda. That way I am covered for anything.
  13. I have two Fagor's as well and I am quickly getting used to them. you might like to go this website for info too. http://missvickie.com/index.html I found it very helpful.
  14. okay, I have another question to get your opinions on, what about the LOW weight? I mean I can understand that salt, water retention, weight of food etc. might cause you to see the increase, but what about the low? If one day you are 194 and the next day 198.5 can you assume your real weight without salt or weight of extra food you ate was in fact 194? that you in fact were that low? If you see what I mean. This is more of an intellectual persuit, curiosity as it were. Obviously it doesn't make a difference to the overall scheme of weight loss, but I wondered what you all thought.
  15. I have had something happen a couple times now since I have been on the plan. Normally when I weigh myself, if more often than just weigh in day I get the usual fluctuations of a pound or so. But a couple of times now I have had a big from like 4.5 lb from the previous day, and then the next day was back up to where I had been or so. Now nothing I was doing or eating was any different than the rest of the time. Including my liquid intake. Does anyone have any idea about why this might happen? anyone else experience it? I can tell you it is disappointing when it does happen LOL
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