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  1. Thanks everyone. I guess it was too much alll at once and my body freaked out. I will ride it out. I hope it goes away in a few weeks. I want to get a high colonic!!
  2. I am drinking water right now. I hope this passses soon, as it has been constant for 2 weeks. ughh
  3. I feel really sick. It has been 2 1/2 weeks on WW and I am sooo bloated from all of the fiber. I thought by now by body would be used to it. My belly is hard and Im very well gassy:bcb_blush. LOL. Im sure my fiance isnt too pleased either. This sucks!
  4. Thanks everyone! I am going to eat to my pint levels, just not use my extra 35 as I am spending days in bed. Yes atkins makes us scared of backed potatoes, strange huh. I am excited about my next meeting and look forwatd to my WI. I will let everyone know the results.
  5. Thanks for your response. I know this is a long journey. My first goal is that 10%. Cant wait to reach that!!!
  6. Hi everyone. I attended my first ww meeting 10/6/08. I found out I need to lose 100 pounds. I gained pounds in about 15 months. I have been doing atkins for years. I lose 30 pounds then gain back 50. I decided to stop his cycle. It is hard for me as I am used to a quick weight lose and fast results, but I want to be healthy and fit and not have to keep yo yo dieting. I had an injury that prevented me from attending this Mondays meeting. I was in the Er. My back went out and I have been in bed for a week. I have stayed OP since joining, some days going under my points. Im on meds for the pain , and I havent moved in a week, this has me really depressed, as I know I havent moved and could possibly be gaining or not loosing weight. I feel great eating veggies, some snacks like skinny cows and the POPCORN!!! My questions are has anyone done atkins or low / no carb and then WW? This is so hard for me to grasp after learning fat was my friend. I would eat fat/ protien, no carbs . Now I am eating whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, etc. This is very hard for me, I am scared of carbs:bcb_cry:.Can anyone offer any advice. Im like an addict of the low carb because it gets me going quick, but then Im heavier than when I started because I always binge. I know this is the smart thing to do, but it seems so hard. TIA, and I am sorry if my post seems crazy, Im a little spaced because of the meds.
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