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  1. I got this last week at Walmart and am so in love, but it's no surprise, I Love, love, love Hungry Girl! I wish she could've listed points, but that's the only thing that would make it better. All the extra tips she has in there are wonderful!
  2. I like the elliptical too for many of the reasons as Sandi. First, I'm clumsy and always almost fall on the treadmill, so I'm way more comfortable w/the elliptical. Also, I have back problems, so I need the low impact. I just think it's more fun and I also enjoy the arm bars on mine. I love it! When I went to the Gym, the elliptical is what I headed straight for, so it was a natural choice for me. I wish you luck in finding a machine that's right for you.
  3. My leader always says: 0 is Zero 0+0 is Zero, but 0+0+0+0 is 1 She says you can count it as zero, but just watch it. And for me, if I had a 0 pt. tortilla and 0 pt. soup together, I'd count it as one. But that's me.
  4. I take the one a day weight smart as well. I like them a lot, but I cannot take any vitamins on an empty stomach or they make me sick. I usually take it before bed.
  5. I agree that you don't want the diet mindset, but I think it's awesome that you are planning ahead. If you know your cravings and have low point alternatives for when you get them, you are a step ahead. There are a lot of "real" foods that I eat, some low points and some not. Now and then it's okay to plan in treats if you really want them. Just plan the points, that's waht the extra weekly points allowance is for. So try to do it so that you are satisfied and can live like this forever. I've been on WW for the past 1 1/2 weeks and so far I've had real pizza, fast food bacon cheeseburger, chic-fil-a, a real hamburger and chips, plus cake at a birthday party. Guess what? It was all on plan! I used my flex points for it. It feels like cheeting, but it's not if you have the points for it. I eat healthy most of the week and splurge on treats. I have lost over 5 lbs in the past week and a half. I've followed the plan perfectly, ate a lot of low point food and some junk food too. P.S. don't forget those healthy oils. It is true that you need healthy fat! It's great for your body, skin, hair, etc. I find if I don't eat enough fat, my hair and skin really dry out. I like to use EVOO as Rachel RAy would say. It's great on cooked green beans, salad w/vinegar, etc.
  6. I can't wait for my stores to get it. HOw are the prices? I hate the price of most WW stuff.
  7. Now that sounds like a plan to me! I'd certainly be satisfied w/an ice cream cone, and for 1 point? Heck yea! I am stopping on my way home!
  8. I got the 100 cal swiss rolls and they are 2 pts for EACH small roll. I gave them to DH, not worth my 2 points, lol. I'll have to find the chocolate cupcakes!
  9. Thanks for the reveiw. Winn-Dixie has Breyers BOGO this week, so I'll have to pick some up. I love ice cream and eat it most nights before bed. I lvoe the Breyers 100 cal. cups. They are 2 pts, I'd much rather have 1 pt ice cream!
  10. I have a new yoga/pilates set and I'd like to get a few Pilates DVD's. Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven't really done it before so I haven't a clue. I have a bad back, so I hope this will help with back pain as well as weight loss!
  11. I always get chicken and broccolli. The book says 2 (or is it 4?) points per cup.
  12. My leader says 0=0, but 0+0+0 does not = 0, it equals 1. She says if it's 0, it's fine to count it as 0, but don't cheat yourself because 0's add up to points and you'll end up gaining if you cheat yourself and don't count them. I love my leader!
  13. I got this yesterday for lunch and it was very good. It could've used some sort of sauce or something though. It was good and worth the 7 points. The new steak and portabello sounds awesome! It wasn't on the menu yet, I hope it comes soon!
  14. I meant to mention that they are small. They are good for a candy treat though, when you have a sweet tooth or PB craving, but no, they aren't filling.
  15. I found new Reeses and Hersey's 100 cal packs. I picked up the Reeses and they are awesome! They have Reeses pieces, pb chips and pb cereal. They are GOOOOOD. Try em out. I will try the Hersey's next. I got them at walmart for $2.50.
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