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  1. Helloooooo Well, I left the house unprepared this morning but I haven't and won't screw this up...I will be doing a turbo jam workout this afternoon sometime. I've had an apple and a pear so far today and I'm not sure what to do about lunch, was thinking maybe going to Subway and get a salad or something. Sooooo glad its long weekend this weekend (Family Day) this is the second year we've had it...I'll take it!!!!! Have a good one
  2. Good morning buddies I got up and did my workout but I am planning on doing another one on lunch...this one just wasn't long enough and since its mostly weight lifting I didn't get the rush from cardio...so I will do cardio party turbo jam...I'm going to be OP today as well
  3. I'm Back....I ended up doing the Turbo Jam and I did the new ChaLEAN Extreme burn circuit #1...Its a new workout from the same girl who does Turbo jam...more weights though...so I feel really good that Idid a cardio for 45 min and then 35 min of weight training... Yaaaaa
  4. Good morning everyone!!!! I'm just about to do the cardio party turbo jam, try and kick this motivation in gear!!!! I will be back!!!! Take care
  5. Good Morning Everyone Cindy, I'm sorry to hear about your DS mouth...that sounds so painful. Jill, I checked out your pictures, you look absolutely awesome!!!!..keep it up girl Well, I'm back...again...I have been MIA since Dec I guess, then went on a trip to Aruba in january so I haven't bothered...stupid!!!!! Anyway, I'm back and getting back on track I purchased the Chalean Extreme dvd's, I will be going over them today to see what they are all about...it looks amazing though Breakfast - Toast with tomato and salsa Snack - hb egg Lunch - soup and salad snack - grapes Dinner, - roast beef, and veggies Take care
  6. Laurie - you've been through SOOOOO much the last couple months so don't even try and apologize...You've been looking after everyone else, plus trying to look after you at the same time and thats the part that is slipping (the taking after you) and that can piss anyone off...i mean...it is all about us you know...lolol...you know what I'm trying to say...your pissed off because your eating has been sucking and because of that the little things will bother you...I know shuffling would bother me...you'll get back on track in no time...your a trooper:bcb_bravo
  7. Good Morning Everybody Good for you Amy for not giving up...its very hard NOT to give up when it gets frustrating with the scale I went and did my weigh in yesterday and was down .6 which I'm happy about...my girlfriend hasn't been not on program for about 2 weeks and she comes with me...she stepped on the scale a ww and was up 3.2....it can really guide your day on how your mood is going to be....I was pretty up with my weigh in since it was over the holidays but she was, lets just say bitchslapping came to mind again... Haven't made my meal yet but will be back Have a great one!!!
  8. Good Morning Everyone!!!! I will be starting back today on program, I have been off of it for no apparent reason...I will be going to WW to get a weigh in so I can get my kick and then proceed on. I will be doing a Turbo Jam workout today, plus I ordered the new ones Chalean Extreme...I can't wait to get that. Breakfast - Hard boiled egg with ww toast snack 2 clementines lunch soup with crackers snack - popcorn dinner pork skillet with veggies Have a great day....How's the foot Jill
  9. :bcbkickbu:bcbkickbu This thread is for very, very serious BCB'ers. This thread open to anyone, all weights and ages, but you have to abide by the rules: 1. No whining 2. No complaining 3. No excuses 4. If you go off program, post a plan on how you will do better next time! So, are you in?? :bcb_tank:
  10. Hello everyone I have been kinda MIA myself with the holidays and all...I need to get back on program...lol I will be taking my son to the fracture clinic today so I think I will run in to WW and get my weigh in...I have planned my meals for the day and tonight I'm hoping to do the week Breaky - Toast, salsa and parm snack blackberries with 1/4 cottage cheese lunch soup with toast snack, clemetines dinner, spaghetti...I LOVE SPAGHETTI... Jill - sorry to hear about your foot...thats sucks especially when you are in a routine of working out...its frustrating Have a good one everyone!!!
  11. Of course we have room LuvBugs!!!!...the more the merrier and welcome!!!!!
  12. Good Morning I feel a lot better now that I'm back into working out again...me and DS went to a gym last night (its free for 7 day) so we thought we would try it out...it wasn't bad, it was a nice change from doing my turbo or firm tapes....I ran 3.75k which is HUGE for me...I hate running with a passion...lolol today I'm planning on toast and tomato for breakfast, 4 clementines for snack, soup and turkey sandwich for lunch and chicken kabobs for dinner Have a good one
  13. Good Morning Everyone Well I guess I haven't been around in a bit, but I'm back AGAIN...When I get to work I will have to go back in and read all the posts I went to weigh watcher and put on .8 so I will have to work on getting rid of that, mind you I knew it since I was off program and not working out soooooo, I started back into my workout rouine on Friday and have done one ever since each day... I am working today which I am glad about, it helps me get back on program and back to routine. I will check in when I have more time, take care
  14. :bcbkickbu:bcbkickbu This thread is for very, very serious BCB'ers. This thread open to anyone, all weights and ages, but you have to abide by the rules: 1. No whining 2. No complaining 3. No excuses 4. If you go off program, post a plan on how you will do better next time! So, are you in??
  15. Laurie, I just read about your day yesterday at the hospital...oh man!!!...I'm with you about being glad it happened there...this is so sad and scarey...I hope everything works out for you...big hug!!!!!
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