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  1. Hi everyone... I just rejoined WW this past Saturday...for the umpteenth time, but I know this time it's changed, and I WILL succeed. It was hard going thru those doors yet again, but I did, and glad I did. So much more to the program than when I left. I'm very excited, and very happy to be back. I tried doing Calories on my own, and lost weight (lost 50 pounds, but just recently gained 20 pounds which made me realize I need to go back to WW), but I knew I wasn't consistent doing calories like I am when I'm doing Weight Watchers points. So, I really wanted to come back on here and say hello and I'm happy to be back with the WW family ! Theresa
  2. WOW Dawn - you look awesome!!!!!! keep up the amazing work !
  3. WOW - what a success!!! Congratulations and you look absolutely awesome!!!
  4. It's in this moment right now that you need to re-commit. Don't look at it all as failing but as a learning experience. It's in this moment now that you just need to look at right in the face and say "I AM WORTH IT" - meaning you are worth eating right, exercising and feeling good about who you are, inside and out. I agree - don't wait til tomorrow...today is tomorrow, get back on right now, and just keep journalling, keep drinking water and you will be okay...
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