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  1. I have tried this a few years ago and it's in my Crockpot right now..I forgot about this recipe... Cathy
  2. I guess since my Buddies in the 30's group tried it and liked it and I know my hubby is willing to try anything!!! I will try this soon!!! Sounds kinda gross but will try it anyway...You just never know!!!
  3. I'm making this again. I will only use 1/2 of the Taco seasoning. I do remember it being a little too salty last time...I will probably only cook it on high for 1 hour and then 3 hours on low..I want to make sure the chicken will done but not dry...
  4. How many points in this????? ...Never mind!!! I see it's 4 points...This one looks good Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  5. I'm making this today!!! I hope it is good. I'm not much of a meat person, but I will try this for Hubby Cathy (mommy to Lexi) I'm adding some carrots, potatoes, and celery... My hubby says you really shouldn't cook with any diet soda because it has WAY too many chemicals in it!!! I'm usung regular coke...
  6. Ok, I think I will have to try this one...Hubby loves meat!!!! Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  7. I forgot about the soup until one of our 30's girls posted it!!!!! I'm going to try the Rotel with it this time Cathy (mommy to Lexi) Hey Bluff!!!! I see you looking at the recipe!!! Yummy!!!!!
  8. I'm making this tonight...And the chili fries sound good also...... Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  9. Hi Lori T You will love this Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  10. Hey girls, Just reporting that this recipe is a keeper at my house.. Hubby loves it....Thanks for the recipe!!!!! Cathy (mommy to Lexi) I used a 8x12 glass pan, that way the biscuits cooked just fine.... It's pretty darn close to pizza to me!!!!
  11. I'm trying this one today Thanks so much, Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  12. I made this yesterday and Hubby loved it... Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  13. I made a copy and I'm heading upstairs to put it all together Thanks so much Cathy (mommy to Lexi)
  14. You can't go over the weight of 161...I will be lifetimer in 2 weeks...Congrats on making WW goal... Cathy (soon adoptive mommy)
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