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  1. What an accomplishment! Thanks for the inspiration:bcb_up :bcb_up
  2. Congrats on your anniversary!!!! You Look Fantastic:bcb_bravo
  3. Congrats on 6 years of hard work:bcb_bravo
  4. Congrats on your accomplishments:bcb_up
  5. I like, "It isn't hocus pocus, it's FOCUS."
  6. Sounds like a super kid-friendly meal! Thanks for sharing:bcb_smile
  7. Made this last night & it was a hit! My 4 & 6 yo's actually ate all of their chicken w/out whining about it. Super-easy & something w/out kids whining is a hit at my house:bcb_up
  8. They have Splenda in place of the sugar. They are nice-sized & a good option for those who have to monitor their blood sugar like I do. Thanks for the nutritional info Joanne- 60 cal 0fat 1pt
  9. I found these last night at Wal-greens after reading about them in a hungry girl newsletter. They are 99 cents for a pack of 3. I enjoyed them. They're definitely not as sweet as the regular ones, which is fine by me.
  10. I made this yesterday & we really enjoyed it. I will definitely make it again. I did all the prep earlier in the day & had my DH put it in for me while I was walking. Boy, did the house smell yummy when I returned. I think it's kind of Mexican lasagna in taste. While we were eating, my 6yo asked her father, "Does this delight you Daddy?" LOL
  11. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. There are strawberry-flavored marshmallows in the stores here now. My girls love them. They're the large sized ones.
  12. Made this tonight & LOVED it:bcb_up My family didn't care for it- that's ok by me. Looking forward to the leftovers:bcb_wink3 I'll definitely make this again for lunches for myself.
  13. I hope you will stick around & keep trying out different forums until you find that fit:bcb_smile It can be kind of overwhelming to be a new member. Congrats on your loss so far:bcb_up
  14. Thanks PJ! I still have to buy bananas for this:bcb_huh: Glad you & your family liked it
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