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  1. Hi Everyone! I know this may sound odd, but my husband and I have our house on the market FSBO due to changes in his job situation. We are reaching out through all channels possible, including our social networking connections, hoping word of mouth will be our best tool. This house selling process is making my snack binging like a little devil on my shoulder!!! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to not stress-eat!!! If you, or anyone you know, is looking to relocate to the Raleigh area, please pass along our information. I'd be so grateful. Here's a link to our virtual tour: www.tourvista.com/4407 and the contact info there reaches us directly. Or, they can go through this realtor site: http://www.allentate.com/WandaMattingly/DesktopDefault.aspx?pageid=108&pagealias=ATWAgentListingDetail&ListingID=1847701&ListingPosition=3&From=QuickSearch Thanks so much for helping me out, if you can, just by passing this along to anyone who you know may be looking to move to (or within) NC. Thanks! Shannon
  2. Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well! Was wondering if y'all could give me some points help!! A friend wants me to go to Greek Fiesta for lunch today. I usually get the grilled chicken pita (comes with marinated/grilled chicken breasts -- maybe half a breast -- plus lettuce, tomato and tzatziki sauce -- wrapped in a flatbread gyro pita). I'm trying my best to figure out the points for this thing! My best guess is: chicken: 3pts tzatziki: 1pt pita: 3pts side greek salad (comes with it - maybe a cup or less): 3 points Total: 10 points Does that sound about right to y'all? Am I way under/over on my guess? Just want to be prepared!
  3. Hi! I'm not a vegetarian - I love meat! I just am trying to lower points, and can't often find low-fat meat options in my store.
  4. Thanks! Those are great suggestions. My husband hates mushrooms, but that would be a nice option for me. I love portabellas!!
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for low-fat meat options that aren't soy-based? My husband (who doesn't need to lose weight) doesn't care for the soy-based meat products like Boca hamburger crumbles or Morningstar Farms veggie dogs. I can eat them when I'm making something just for myself, but if I'm making a dinner entree for us to share, he doesn't care for those substitutes. I've found some great recipes that call for low-fat or fat-free sausage, but I can't find anything that's not meatless. Any suggestions?
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