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  1. I like the powdered peanut butter I order online. The chocolate is AWESOME but the regular is great too. I'm out of the regular right now but the stats for 2 TBS of the choc are 52.2 calories, 1.42 fat and 1.03 fiber. It's great for PB&J sandwiches (on an Arnold sandwich thin or equivalent with sugar free jam) or with fruit or in smoothies or many other concoctions.
  2. I use these for everything!! Want a pizza? Toast a sandwich thin and add pizza sauce and toppings, put in microwave to heat through. Need crackers in my soup? Toast a thin and break into my soup bowl. Makes a GREAT PB&J sandwich using the powdered peanut butter and sugar free jelly. Great as a burger bun for my salmon patties or my Boca burgers. Perfect for a sandwich. When toasted, add a few sprays of ICBINB for a mock English Muffin or as the "biscuit" for a breakfast sandwich. I LOVE these things! They pretty much have them everywhere here now but the cheapest I have found is at Sam's.
  3. I found these at Sam's yesterday and they are great!! They are sugar free (made with splenda), contain 100% vitamin c, dairy free and fat free. At 10 calories, 0 fat and 1 fiber per bar they are a welcome treat for when I am hoarding my points. I can see myself eating one of these each night. I hope you all like them as much as my faimily and I did. Joyce:D
  4. The recipe does not sound familar but it does sound good. Please post when you get it! Thanks
  5. ok, I don't cook much...what do you do with the country crock? Is the whole thing mixed together or are the crackers just spread on top of everything else? This sounds really good and I would like to make it tonight if possible. TIA for any help!
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