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Baker's Breakfast Cookies

Big & Delicious... High Fiber Cookies Points
Fruit & Nut (#1 Seller) My personal favorite 5
Banana Walnut 5
Apple Cinnamon 5
Pumpkin Spice 4
Peanut Butter 6
Chocolate Chip Raisin 5
Double Chocolate Chip 5
Oatmeal Raisin 5
Ginger Molasses 4
Mocha Chip 5

Sources: Points may have been determined by The Corinne T. Netzer Encyclopedia of Food Values, Weight Watchers Fast Food Companion,  Eating Out Food Counter by Annette B Natow, Ph.D, R.D. and Jo-Ann Helsin, M.A., R.D. or restaurant informational fact sheets or website.  All items are 1 serving size unless otherwise stated.  Although we have striven to check all point information and avoid all mistakes, we make no guarantee on 100% accuracy.


The popular Baker's Breakfast Cookie is made by Baker's Baked Goods in Bellingham Washington. In response to their loyal customer's requests and market research, they made the cookie better by using higher quality premium ingredients and adjusting the cookie to a customer requested size. In addition, you will find the natural flavors in our cookies, such as apple, pumpkin, and banana, are enhanced. The better Baker's Breakfast Cookies also contain more calcium and increased protein. The new cookie is incredibly delicious, and healthy.

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