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  1. This is where we'll post our goals and our daily updates for our BCB 10 week challenge. COPIED FROM KATY'S ORIGINAL POST There are 10 weeks (unless I have counted wrong) between now and the 4th of July. This first week will be setting our goals and making our plans. Everyone's overall goals can be individual - you know what you need to work on most. Just make sure it is a measurable and attainable goal. And there will be a group goal. There will be winners in each of the following categories: Most days completely On Program (modified to meet your individual needs) Most consecutive days completely On Program Most days exercised Most consecutive days exercised There will be mini challenges each week - you can volunteer for any week you want. If you aren't going to be around for a week (or more) you should still be able to participate in the overall challenge (there is always SOME sort of exercise you can do, and we all should be OP every day). Now, for the group goal. Over 10 weeks I believe we should be able to lose 50 pounds together. I will donate 50 pounds of food to my local food bank if the group meets that goal. I'll get a tax deduction, the food bank will benefit, and we all will be much lighter. So, make sure I get your weight loss each week to add to the tally. So, for this week, decide if you are in or out. Week 1 challenge is to set your goals and make your plans. Counting for days OP and exercise will begin today. Let's do it.
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