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Found 2 results

  1. I have a friend who is a small publisher and I will pay to set up and publish a FF SFT cookbook. Once costs are recaptured any profits can be donated to an agreed upon charity or cause or ?? It won't be about making money but about getting these recipes out there and up on Amazon. The new WW P+ cookbook is awful. It has no PF recipes to speak of. It is a rehash of common, stale recipes with P+ listed. I say FF because we only get 2 tsp of oil a day and it seems virtually all PF recipes have oil in them. It is more challenging to do it FF! So list your of your *favorite* and *tested* recipes. Then I need is one volunteer to collect all of the recipes and put one per page in an MS Word Doc. List your name on the recipe if you want your name to appear in the book. It will take us time - but there is no rush... we are here for the long haul! Please post your thoughts, suggestions, criticisms.
  2. One of my favorite (and quick) seafood dishes is just frozen shrimp! I take the pre-cooked frozen small shrimp, and I pour about a cup or so into a frying pan (no oil or anything!). I heat up the shrimp, and all of the ice on the shrimp becomes water. I let it cook in its water, stirring it every so often. Just as the water evaporates, I add some soy sauce (zero points!), salt, and pepper, and pretty soon I have a nice [tasty] cup of shrimp. 1/2 cup of shrimp is 1 point. PLUS it's a filling food. I usually eat about a cup full. It's such a nice snack or side dish. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, pre-cooked frozen shrimp comes in the jumbo size. I LOVE to eat this chilled. You pour some into a bowl, let cool water run over it (if it's still frozen), and stir it every once in a while so that the they become unstuck. About five minutes later, the shrimp has defrosted, and it's ready to eat! I don't even dip it in cocktail sauce! I just love it plain! Such a healthy (filling) snack!
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